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Pet Stylo Midvalley

If you ever knew me, you will know that I love pets. Well, I’ve always love pets. Especially dogs, thus it’s time to visit MidValley which was a week ago and go for their pet exhibition. You didn’t know that there was a pet ...Read More

The Souled Outs

Previously On Heroes. . . . Hiro Nakamura : Peter Petrelli, I will stop you!!!! Peter Petrelli : Noooooooooooo~~~~~~~ $%$&%$%&$ CENSORED %^&%%*&%* We now bring to you a commercial break and instead of Heroes, we have The Souled Outs! The time has come to ...Read More

Friendster Cafe Crab

It all happened during that day, February 14th 2008 ( woops…… maybe it’s 12th) . No no no.. didn’t go out for any date, it was a group gathering amongst shouters in Fatty Crab and also in Friendster Cafe. Well, one in PJ another ...Read More

ShoutOuters Curve Gathering

Hey, the Shouters from ShoutOut are back on their recent outing. This time with it’s focus on Kuala Lumpur. Well, we’re in the curve, in case you’ve forgotten about the previous sneak preview. Well, our top performer for the day goes to Devince a.k.a ...Read More

The Recent ShoutOut BBQ

Yes, it has come to my note that there are lots of those who went for the ShoutOut BBQ event that was held on the 16th December 2007. So instead of looking into all random blogs and finding if anyone had blogged about it, ...Read More

Design Sneak Preview

Wanna see what I’ve been doing these past few weeks while sitting at home. People say I am busy, but what am I busying with? Well, let’s just say I did some research on PHP, WordPress and design. Add these together and what do ...Read More

Christmas Season

I am in North Pole. LOL. I mean a North Pole in Malaysia. What do I mean by that? Like the picture said, welcome to the North Pole. hehehe… before you go on, can you guess where’ s this? 3… 2…. 1…. ok what ...Read More

Nuffnang Pirates on the Loose

pirates la… pirates la… danielctw sparrow… ho ho ho ————————————————————————————————— Fui yoh, one of the biggest bloggers get together meeting. I mean WOW… the whole theater for us bloggers. Afraid I would be reaching there late, then I slowly slowly la… paiseh want to ...Read More