Keisuke Honda’s an Inspiration

Honda, the power of dreams. Well, it’s been proven. Honda is once again the one to ensure that Japan has got what it takes to go pass the group stages in the World Cup. Now that’s excellent play from Keisuke Honda.

Keisuke Honda Prepares

Being caught up with the FIFA World Cup 2010, the feeling of the whole universe watching a football game is exhilarating. That explains how lazy a person I’ve become these past few weeks to be blogging. Finally a team I am supporting (underdogs for the World Cup) has qualified and gone past the group stages. Of course if Malaysia were to qualify for World Cup, I’ll be supporting my country the whole way, but that’s not to be.

Keisuke Honda who plays for CSKA Moscow scored on the first group stage match. With the final group game playing against Denmark and with better goal difference with Denmark, team Japan needed only a draw to qualify pass the group stage. Once again, they prove it better with a marginal win of 3 – 1 against Denmark.

Honda was instrumental as was Hidetoshi Nakata during his playing days at Japan. Well, for someone who watches the previous World Cup, Nakata was the main man of Japan of the early 2000s and 1990s. Let’s hope Japan would play better as they go on to the next stage.

Honda Scores and Celebrates

The first goal was from a free kick, Tomas Sorensen couldn’t do anything, and from then onward it was a blow to the Danish team with every attack they gave, it shook the post or somehow goals didn’t connect. I guessed I will be going to Pasar Malam to get my World Cup jersey. (I’ve got no $$$ cannot buy original)

Keisuke Honda did a great job for his country. Now time for me to emulate what he’s doing or rather some part of him. I am going to run in Standard Chartered KL 21km Half Marathon on Sunday. So it’s gonna be a tough one, but let’s see. Getting prepared, I bought the things that I wanted to get myself more prep-up than usual. Here are the stuffs I got.

New Balance Equipments

New Balance shoes (30% off).                                                          New Balance socks (RM18).

SCKLM 2010

My Race Kit (Check out my number, faster go and buy your 4Ds or “ma piao”.

Some other stuff I would like to get

Waist Belt or Pouch to put my car keys, possible with a number Holder.

Most probably tomorrow I’ll be getting those things. Run is gonna start around 630am and let’s hope I better my time compared to last year’s run. Time to beat is 2:30:00. Now I can’t say I don’t have motivation to run, as I have what I needed.

Current practice schedule

700pm – 5km
700am – Park at USJ 10km
So if you’re thinking of joining me for future runs, why not take part in these runs that I’ve registered.

Shape Men’s Health Putrajaya Night Run (12km)
Penang Bride Half Marathon (21km)

Till then.

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