Niu Ze Xui Visitation

Have you ever heard of a place call Niu Ze Sui NZX (牛车水) ? Yeah, it means bullock cart water???? Argh… my direct translation is really bad. Well, blame it on me for not knowing proper chinese words. Yes, anyway that’s beside the point. It’s a place in Ara Damansara. Don’t even know it existed? Well, they even have a website at

NZX Logo

NZX Shot
The Entrance Point

The whole place was okay, I went there during the Chinese New Year festival that proofs as to how long this photo was backdated then. Well, At least the have Big Apple Donuts here. But well, since it was someplace new, why not pay a visit.

Lantern Shots

Now lighting wasn’t that good and I think I seriously need a speedlight. Argh!!!! That’s for night shots. 🙁 Nevertheless nothing better than to have some readjustments of lighting. *here i go again talking camera talks*

When you have friends tagging along on this place and they can really pose, you’ll get photos just like these.


Wonder why it makes me think that the guy is happy that I kicked him. HAW HAW!!!


Finally we all just had to pose! It’s a star up there… wheeee~~~~~

So now you’ve seen a glimpse of NZX, well, it’s time for you guys to explore yourself!

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