Xiao Fei Yang

This post has been in my mind after a long time I didn’t checked my phone for photos. Yes, sad to say my mobile phone is the only other alternative if I don’t go out with my gadgets. Well, so armed with my Samsung D510 with a minimum specs of 1.2 MP camera, it’s time for some food review.

Xiao Fei Yang Steamboat

Well, me and a few friends decided to try something different. Steamboat at a place called Xiao Fei Yang. Ok sad to say it’s non-halal, so sorry for those who are muslims this round. Basically 小č‚ĨįžŠ means Small Fat Goat, so of course the dish of the day was goat meat.

To say it was a meal unsatisfied, it’s so so wrong. Well I am trying to get my seconds next time. What’s so different is that they have 3 type of soup to go along with it. There are the Normal, Very Hot and Herbal soup. Of course we chose the Herbal and the so called Very Hot.

Steamboat Sauces

Funny, there are also 3 type of different sauces. Don’t know how to describe it. But I can say unlike the normal steamboat buffet which let’s you take as much food as you want which I had previously, this place is a bit different.

Food Display

Okay, this was only one table tray of it. We have like another one more table with lots of other stuffs. There are even other things which i don’t dare to try. Some are way too over budget like the abalone. Well, I might get that the next round, now where to find people to go along.

The Steamboat Gathering

LOL…so sake to go along with the food. Just chinese tea. Well, I rather enjoy the food than to get drunk on the day you get to eat with your friends and have a good laugh later. Well, where’s the goat meat I mentioned earlier? Well, I can’t get any shot of it, caused they were too hungry they popped it in the steamboat wok. I was like OMG!!! Let me take some photos first. =.=”

So to kill of my boredom, me and Louyea went and create some weird design on the remaining cuttlefish (sotong) ball. Well, it’s not like you could do this everyday okay!!

Weird Ball
Ain’t I Prettily Weird??

Dang, we just had to play around with our food!! Haha!!

My Verdict : Not a bad place when you want to have imported Goat Meat for your steamboat. The other dishes are special too!

So where’s the place?

No 18, Lorong Thambi Dua
Off Jalan Pudu
(behind Shaw Parade), Kuala Lumpur
Phone: 03-2142 6789 / 012-211 0562

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