Siu Long Bao Dragon-I

It’s been awhile since I’ve gone like on a feast or makan time. Well, not really a feast but went for food hunting. Yes, this time I decided I should at least go for some “dim sum”. Yes, so where to go? Dragon-I at Leisure Mall, Cheras. Actually initial plan was supposed to be at Sushi King, but due to the long queue, so changed to Dragon-I.

Dim Sum

So not armed with my camera, but with only my phone and the 1.3MP camera that includes with it, the quality of the photos might not be nice. But then it’s still mouth watering. Going in a group of like 6 of us, it’s time to feast.

Ya, I know sometimes looking at food at the wrong time, when you haven’t eat your lunch or dinner makes one going bonkers. Well, fear not, the pictures aren’t too appetizing yet.. hehe.. I really should start bringing my camera everywhere I go next time.

Underwear Dim Sum

Yes, Karipap or Underwear Dim Sum. Fresh from the Stove, still a little bit wet. Haha.. means there is soup in it ok.. Don’t think dirty. Well, in this restaurant there are definitely so many other things to eat ranges from Noodles and Rice, but why the heck would I eat others other than Dim Sum which was the sole priority coming to Dragon-I.

But the highest and mainest top priority eating here was actually the famous Siu Long Bao!

Siu Long Bao

Yes, just look at it, there is still soup in the paste. Just a bite of it, and water start squirting out. I wonder how they can make the paste stick together. The previous places that I ate with Siu Long Bao, it usually burst thus no more soup in it. Well, we had a feast on this and liked it very much, we ordered like 2 more baskets of it.

Of course, desserts are well, just normal appetizers.


Yes, sad to say, I did wanted to try something else for dessert and went for Mix Fruit (Tropical) Sago, though it wasn’t anything spectacular. Anyway this is a non-halal restaurant.

Anyway I would only recommend the Siu Long Bao very highly in this Restaurant. It’s been awhile since I had a food review. Well, now you have it.

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