Dancing Diva

Return of the Dancing Diva. What am I talking about? Who else…of coz it’s Jolin or for those that can read Chinese characters. 蔡依林
The long wait for her latest album has finally ended. It’s already out after bearing myself by hearing her songs on the radio on 988FM or MyFM. Don’t believe. Here’s the album cover.

The Main Album Cover


OK, so you may ask, what’s so special about her. Well at least she’s a good dancer. Her songs are catchy.
Some brief introduction, Jolin started singing ‘jumpy’ songs. After her first album, everyone thought she will flop as sales wasn’t high. She came back up on her second debut album. She’s done a concert in Malaysia once, in which I couldn’t make it. Anyway, unlike most stars that took the world by storm on their first single, Jolin’s case is otherwise. There you have it the bried introduction.

Now tell me why I shouldn’t be crazy about Jolin? You ask me, I ask who? If you have the same taste with mine, here’s the back cover. I won’t upload mp3 as it’s illegal LOL!! Message me if you need it though!

The Back Cover Of Course. JOLIN
  1. May 16, 2006
  2. May 23, 2006

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