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PhotoHunt Twist

Okay, I’ve decided to rename my photohunt title without the numbers. It’s kinda misleading. Well, this week’s theme is about twist(ed) so here I am presenting you a picture I’ve taken while I was in Perth. Well, those days I don’t really post photos, ...Read More

Story of Flowers

 I ain’t feeling alright these few days. Some people may hate me for the decisions I have taken for certain issues, some thought that I was overzealous, but it pains to know that I cannot be the same person I used to be. Well, ...Read More

The Souled Outs

Previously On Heroes. . . . Hiro Nakamura : Peter Petrelli, I will stop you!!!! Peter Petrelli : Noooooooooooo~~~~~~~ $%$&%$%&$ CENSORED %^&%%*&%* We now bring to you a commercial break and instead of Heroes, we have The Souled Outs! The time has come to ...Read More