Spinning Brain

My mind is spinning. Looks like not because of the fall I had on the just recent trip to Port Dickson. But about lotsa things. Man….I just love thinking so many stuffs.———————————————————————————————— Looks like another classical Monday. You begin your day with a morning ...Read More

Love That Crunch!

Here I am sitting on my Desk Waiting for lunch time to come Wondering why do I feel so bored and tired Having a look at my cup It say’s Love that Crunch! Love that Crunch! You got to Love that Crunch! Is the ...Read More

Not Good Enough

What’s not good enough? Yourself of coz. What else would be not good enough.We all always think we’re not good enough. (Basically ‘we’ means people) But danielctw recommends that instead of just whining of how we’re not good enough compare to the one you’re ...Read More

Work Makes My Day

Of all the days I am really full of work.I guess this is the day where I am going to suffer.Suffer for saying I was quite free last year for little work.So this year I’ve gotten more load.Well now it’s a test. ...Read More


What does it mean to you?Is Easter a day of Easter Eggs? Easter Bunnies? How the heck did Easter ever conjure up?Did the day Easter Day ever exist at the first place? How did this name came up? The meaning of Easter brings more ...Read More

Many Many Work

Argh…looks like my days from this year onwards is getting hell a lot busier. Man… I just wish I could relax and do normal errands for the days to come but, NOOO! I seem to have more work in line for me. T_T Office ...Read More

Mountain Climbing Experience

OMG…Today’s the 11th April.Man…and yeah, it’s a public holiday over here in Malaysia. (Though I am arrogant enough to not know what’s the holiday occasion for) Getting up early in the morning at 8am today. Just to go for a Mountain Climb at Bukit ...Read More

Guess This

OK, I really got NBTD. What the heck am I doing actually?Nothin really. Just simply dumb. Call me dumb, idiot, anything. But when you’re pratically weird, you can do anything weird. (That’s why it’s called Weird Weird Denial) nln So I am playing with ...Read More

Kelisa Quality Check

WE ALL heard of Proton cars’ quality.So what about Perodua. Not only that Malaysian cars are cheap, they are also of lower maintenance. So what about our Proton’s brother?Imported from Malaysia and sent to another country. Well imported(usually the body much stronger), so had ...Read More