Dancing Diva

Return of the Dancing Diva. What am I talking about? Who else…of coz it’s Jolin or for those that can read Chinese characters. ???The long wait for her latest album has finally ended. It’s already out after bearing myself by hearing her songs on ...Read More

Beach Side Fever

Ya…so I’ve been to PD just few weeks ago. Well betcha’ u don’t know how the hell why everyone says PD is dirty as ever and the beach is so polluted no one ever goes into the sea. WHAT?????PD, to me is the cheapest ...Read More

The Destiny

OK I found out some old poetry that I wrote long time back. So I decided to post it here. Wonder whether one understands it.—————————————————————————————————————————————— Nearby the seasideBeneath the sunlightI see a beam of hopeFlowing thru me What was I to do for myself?What ...Read More

Weekdays In Action

Haha…didn’t realised that’s it gonna be weekdays. And it’s totally getting much more “funner”. Well if that’s a word. Maybe due to the many things happen during the week. More extreme gym classes, more things going on after 6pm, so many weird things happening ...Read More

Two Personalities

Guess I am one hell of an actor. In certain cases and certain crowd of people, I am the silent one, the one that’s cool. But amongst certain crowd, I am the rowdy and noisy one. Also it depends on how I want to ...Read More

DOTA Chickens

Haha…the name’s kinda catchy don’t you think so? Well it can imply many meanings, usually people associate it with ‘pengecut’ (scaredy cat), sissy. Well BTW what’s DOTA? Day of The Ancients. Ya…that’s rite. Some kinda game from Warcraft 3 that uses a map where ...Read More

Hectic Life Made Easy

Yes, my life is hectic. Is pretty hectic till I am crazy so that’s why I take time off to write in my blog. What else dude. So here’s what I will be doing and show and tell today.——————————————————————————————————————————————- Anyway today I am bloody ...Read More