A song While Working

Haha…office. Yes..I am sitting in my cubicle waiting for things to go through my life, wondering when the clock will reach 6 today. Then I browsed thru the internet and I found a meaningful (yeah sort of) song which somehow depicts my working life. ...Read More

CARS (Pixar)

Mater trusted you! — Having a friend who trust in you is like having a true friend.————————————————————————————- Yes, CARS. There’s nothing special with Cars as in it’s not an abbrevation for some weird things like Carressing A Real Star. Ya…Cars is all about cars. ...Read More

The Lovable Guy

What should a guy do when he’s faced with this scenario? 1) Many girls go after him, but the guy has no feelings for either one of them. What would be the so-called solution? To choose the best one? To choose the one he ...Read More

Weird Realistic Dream

A dream that seems to be what you wanted to think.Well I had this weird dream that was supposed to think it happened. Either I was transfixed out of my body or was sleep walking. I don’t get it. I wwas dreaming my instructor ...Read More


I had enough, please don’t force me. So now I have to come up with a new characteristics. 1) Your height have to reach my ear.2) You must not react too much.3) Quite famous and knows how to entertain.4) Look nice in pink.5) Have ...Read More

Thin Or Not – Part 3

Hey Hooooooooo – Hadou Gei Haha..sorry can’t resist Razor Ramon Hard Gay style intro. Besides I know I was prettily inactive these few days, too much work.————————————————————————————————— Back with the episode of Thin Or Not. For those that miss the other parts, look below ...Read More

Redang – Part 1

Pulau Redang, island of Peninsular Malaysia. Located at the east coast, thus outlining the South China Sea. OK..stop the poetic intro. Went to Redang Island last week from 17th May to 21st May. Well as I am still keeping my finger cross when can ...Read More