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Selecting Host Provider

One good thing about blogging, you get to have your very own domain. Yes, blogger gives you the function to point your domain name to your blogspot address. So means any incoming traffic to your blogspot, will directly point to your selected domain name. ...Read More

A Hit Counter for SEO

A good tip is always good. You know about those hit counters that show your stats. I meant this Yes, that’s an example. Well, one good thing about this is that it shows the number of visitors to your blog. The more numbers you ...Read More

Windows SSH with Linux

For those of you that don’t know, I am mighty sure some of you know that I am doing programming in Java. Yes, and because of that, I have to get used to using Linux as the server (host) since it’s definitely cheaper than ...Read More

Xiao Fei Yang

This post has been in my mind after a long time I didn’t checked my phone for photos. Yes, sad to say my mobile phone is the only other alternative if I don’t go out with my gadgets. Well, so armed with my Samsung ...Read More

IP Protect Yourself

You know before I added ShoutOut live chatbox, I was using another live chatbox back then in my blog. The only thing though was that this other chatbox has this IP log and it’s displaying it out at the open. I mean, if it’s ...Read More