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Truck Accidents Lawyers

Nowadays getting lawyers is not all about hiring any lawyer. Each lawyer has their own specialty case, some that are criminal lawyers, property lawyers and also not forgetting accident lawyers. Well, it must have been a shock for me though as there are such ...Read More

Webhosting Directory

Yo, bloggers out there. Have you ever thought of actually registering a domain name for your blog. Or rather starting a new blog with hosting. Well, when I first started mine, I was having a hard time finding a good host. Well, if only ...Read More

Sushi Zen Pavilion

It’s nice eating food you really wanted to try! Yes, I did had my fill in Ninja Jones but that’s gonna come in later. Long gone are the heydays of Sushi King. Now there are loads and loads of Japanese food coming into the ...Read More

2GB Free Backup

You want to backup your stuffs or not? Recently I’ve been backing up my stuffs for free. Yes, I mean backing it up in an online environment. Instead of forking out loads and loads of money to get a backup drive, there’s a backup ...Read More

Sunway Steamboat

Yes, most of you would have guessed that the previous place was in Sunway Pyramid. Here’s some explanation to the snow thingy! The snow only falls at random times, though I must tell you, it isn’t snow. But it felt like snow, basically you ...Read More

Seafood Tambun Penang

Craving for seafood? Yeah, it’s been the same to me. I’ve been craving for seafood. Well, it’s been awhile since I last ate seafood and this time, I am so so so gonna post my Tambun Seafood post. Yes, back in August, I went ...Read More

Save Cost while Traveling

Traveling is my style. Well, if I travel overseas again, I am bound to miss home sometimes. Thus, I will surely call home. The problem is that, the calls are way expensive aside from the text messages which are way cheaper. Then I realized, ...Read More