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Are You Happy Or Not

Most of you will know what I am going to say already, but then you will never guessed that after all these years (ehh.. wait only like 1 year plus) Nuffnang a.k.a NN is venturing further and further into creating more widgets for bloggers ...Read More

Suggestions For New Blogs

So many people are starting to pick up blogs right now. I was beginning to wonder, looks like times have changed. I used to blog on lots of different blog till I finally ended myself here. My dad even considered to start blogging politically. ...Read More

Free Blog Roll For Top 10

Well, well… well.. looks like there are more new programs out there with lots of goodies for SEO practices. Well, indeed after the introduction of entrecard, there are even others which have the same capabilities like it. Now for those familiar with entrecard, it ...Read More

Social Spark Networking

There is a new site which I would like to introduce. Yes, heard of Social Spark?? Well, a funny thing is I have joined this community website and it’s good to know that I have also created my profile there. Haha.. seeing how people ...Read More

Vote The Best or Worst

Which one do you think is the best? Between Cicakman and Keluangman? Heck, both of these so called superheroes were created by the local scene. Okay, let’s reword the whole thing again, which one is the worst? Which one is the Worst SuperHero Cicakman ...Read More

Selecting Host Provider

One good thing about blogging, you get to have your very own domain. Yes, blogger gives you the function to point your domain name to your blogspot address. So means any incoming traffic to your blogspot, will directly point to your selected domain name. ...Read More

A Hit Counter for SEO

A good tip is always good. You know about those hit counters that show your stats. I meant this Yes, that’s an example. Well, one good thing about this is that it shows the number of visitors to your blog. The more numbers you ...Read More