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Online Storage Backup

“Dang!!! All my files are corrupted! Darn bloody virus! Even my backup hard drive is infected!!!” Don’t you just hate it when these things happened? Your work files are corrupted and ultimately gone along with your personal stuffs. Lucky now that there’s a wonderful ...Read More

Go for a Vacation

This post is Sponsored —————————————————————————————————————————- Island, Mountain, Hills, Sea… what do they all have in common!! It’s vacation time. People like me who likes to go traveling exploring places, that’s part of those that I’ve been. My last visit was in Penang Island so ...Read More

Drink in Kopitiam

hungry hungry hungry ————————————————————————————- danielctw is gonna tempt you all again. You know, it’s been so long since a shop serves with those old old cups. You know ar… those serve in those old cups for Kopi-O. I used to go those coffee shop ...Read More

My favourite Food

meme again danielctw kena again ————————————————————————————————— Yo, so now I have to do a tag on a favourite food. All because Amelia But then I don’t have a specific favourite. Basically all food that are edible and delicious are a favourite food. Who says ...Read More

Tsim Tung Makan Time

One of my night time dinner escapade when I am feeling hungry after work… I need to find more places to eat. My options are limited in Cheras. Well, so I went to this Tsim Tung Restaurant. Was first recommended way back 1 week ...Read More