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Learn How To Spell

Ever wondered when we were all young in primary school, we have those spelling bee contest amongst students. Their spelling sometimes struck me in awe. I am amazed at some of those who can deliberately spell hard words. The funny thing, is coming from ...Read More

Miss Phuket

Oh my, look at the monk over there. But what he’s smiling at??? So what do you think he’s doing? Or rather what do you think he’s smiling at???? One wonders.. Now let’s look at what he’s smiling at? Oh My The Wonder Of ...Read More

YOKO Height Increaser

OMG… There’s a new product in town. Guess it. It’s YOKO Height Increaser. When I first saw this tag, I was like OMGWTFBBQ. I wonder how the heck they create this height increaser product. Some of the taglines they used for this product,Human growth ...Read More

THE Internet is For PORN

Hello there, I am sure many people heard of Warcraft, ranging from Warcraft I,II,III and the Frozen Throne expansion. What about Blizzard’s own online MMORPG World Of Warcraft or shortform WoW. So to keep it short here are some screenshots which might get you ...Read More

Tammy NYP

I don’t know why people are so upbeat about the recent handphone video scandal of a young Singaporean poly student. Yes, knowingly, there are many “ham-sup” (hentai, perverted) people looking to find for this poor girl’s movie clip and pictures. I pity her & ...Read More

Hang Tuah’s Origin

Most Malaysians have watch the depiction of Hang Tuah in Puteri Gunung Ledang with M. Nasir depicting the legend. Some interesting facts have been brought to open my mind in the recent study of Hang Tuah. After few articles read and the history of ...Read More

Star Wars 7 Parody

News have spread that Lucas Film is going to stop directing and producing the Star Wars cinematics series. In due respect, certain producers are helping out with potraying Star Wars. Whatever happened to Darth Vader? Did he really die in the last episode of ...Read More