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Memories Left On Me

After looking at the history of my life, I realised my life is kinda complex, and lotsa things happen. But what I do know is how I got myself involve with a few girls only to never start a relationship at all. Funny how ...Read More

Coca Cola Model 2006

Bye bye Year 2005..Hello 2006 Coca Cola should give this guy a sponsor for helping them promoting their product. I would give this guy a hand for being their best promoter. After all these years of Pepsi Advertisements with MJ as their male icon, ...Read More

WTF Customers Requirements

Today I just wanna rant all out in the blog. What’s with the constant never-ending unsatisfaction of customers/clients. Argh…can’t they see I am working, and you’re not my only client. Though I am still cool in front of them. Man…. this is work life. ...Read More

ARGH…EPF error

Argh….WTF I see a zero (0) value in my EPF statement on one of the months. Hey there goes my money. One month of money value in my EPF is really a lot.Argh…can’t they do anything good. One thing I should do is call ...Read More

Learn How To Spell

Ever wondered when we were all young in primary school, we have those spelling bee contest amongst students. Their spelling sometimes struck me in awe. I am amazed at some of those who can deliberately spell hard words. The funny thing, is coming from ...Read More

Miss Phuket

Oh my, look at the monk over there. But what he’s smiling at??? So what do you think he’s doing? Or rather what do you think he’s smiling at???? One wonders.. Now let’s look at what he’s smiling at? Oh My The Wonder Of ...Read More

YOKO Height Increaser

OMG… There’s a new product in town. Guess it. It’s YOKO Height Increaser. When I first saw this tag, I was like OMGWTFBBQ. I wonder how the heck they create this height increaser product. Some of the taglines they used for this product,Human growth ...Read More