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Many Many Work

Argh…looks like my days from this year onwards is getting hell a lot busier. Man… I just wish I could relax and do normal errands for the days to come but, NOOO! I seem to have more work in line for me. T_T Office ...Read More

Mountain Climbing Experience

OMG…Today’s the 11th April.Man…and yeah, it’s a public holiday over here in Malaysia. (Though I am arrogant enough to not know what’s the holiday occasion for) Getting up early in the morning at 8am today. Just to go for a Mountain Climb at Bukit ...Read More

Guess This

OK, I really got NBTD. What the heck am I doing actually?Nothin really. Just simply dumb. Call me dumb, idiot, anything. But when you’re pratically weird, you can do anything weird. (That’s why it’s called Weird Weird Denial) nln So I am playing with ...Read More

Kelisa Quality Check

WE ALL heard of Proton cars’ quality.So what about Perodua. Not only that Malaysian cars are cheap, they are also of lower maintenance. So what about our Proton’s brother?Imported from Malaysia and sent to another country. Well imported(usually the body much stronger), so had ...Read More

Why My Site Like That

Seriously many people asking what happened to my site?Why is it more colorful now???Haha seriously I don’t know, maybe I am suddenly into it.Until majority says that it needed a facelift I don’t think I will change it. Oppps. Time for my badminton. ...Read More

Career Line

Is not surprising looking at the amount of time people spent their lifes not doing something useful. Is actually an indirect way of saying they’re wasting their lifes on Earth. After a year in the programming industry, I’ve decided to re-evaluate my life and ...Read More

Bleach OVA – Part 3 & 4

Due to request from someone and with this Bleach movie getting more exciting than ever, I’ve decided to upload the remaining two here.———————————————————————————————————————————- Oh crap, Ichigo again. He goes hollow slashing(slashing sounds more cool than cutting) again. Go go Ichigo. Where’s my Matsumoto 😛 ...Read More

Thin or Not – Judge It

::+:: SHORT POST ::+:: Lotsa people are asking what’s my weight, etc. Why the heck am I thin? yadda yadda bla bla etc, etc. Search and ask no more. I’ve decided to reveal my weight which is Da….deng deng deng…. Before I do that, ...Read More

Bleach OVA – Part 2

Part 2 – OMG…Ichigo does it again. LOL. The battle starts from here. At least there are some action. FOr all you hitsugaya lovers,fans,etc. You can see him in action now. Have a look here. Bleach Jump Fest 2005Bleach OVA – Part 1 ...Read More