Cracking Head at VB6 and Clippers

Where was I these past few months? Sad to say, I am cracking my head trying to support systems (not that I haven’t done it before). Though what systems? They were written with Visual Basic 6 and Clippers. Yes!!! I am cracking my head just figuring it out how to support these kind of old 1998 and 1994 systems which is basically taking most of my time.

Old Programming Languages VB6 and Clippers

Look at the first one. CopyrightΒ© 1987 – 1998 Microsoft Corp. for Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0. The year as of writing now is 2012 and it has already been 14 years since. I think the last time I ever touched Visual Basic 6.0 was when I was in college during year 2000.

Visual Basic 6

How about Clipper 5? Based on Wikipedia.

Clipper was originally created in 1985 as a compiler for dBASE III, a very popular database language at the time. The current stable version is CA Clipper 5.3b (May 20, 1997)

Seriously??? I think in due time, I will miss programming in Java, PHP and other scripting using JQuery and Ajax in the coming few months.

What actually made me crack my head is trying to understand those old codes and then finding a way to somehow revamp these old systems. The responsibilities get higher as one goes higher.

Also these past few days, my parents said I look like a zombie with the pale face. I guessed it could have been the work or rather I just did not have enough sleep. How do I look?

danielctw gaining weight

Surprisingly I have gained about 6kgs these past few days. I wonder why? Constant feeding? It is a mystery.

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