BHP Orange Run 2010 11KM

This is what I do these days. Aside from traveling, and taking photographs. I run. Yes, not that I run away from reality or something like that but I do running as a sport. Well, set that aside, I guessed it will be awhile before I get back all my running spirit in me again. It’s a start with at least 3 runs in July 2010 this time around. BHP Orange Run 2010 which has like a distance of 11km is a bit relaxing compared to the 21km that I’ve taken part though.

Here’s my report for this run held at the starting point at Curve, Mutiara Damansara area.

BHP Orange Run 2010 Route

Anyway, I’ve been trying to do a consistent run and trying to break my old habit of running fast then taking a break. Previous year, I had this run-walk-run kind of method and yes, it did get me to have faster timing but with the inconsistency it gave me, sometimes too tired and irregular heartbeat for the run, it feels so out of place.

So then I decided, it’s time to start running like you’re actually exercising instead of the run-walk-run method. So this is what I did for the BHP Orange Run 2010.

Time to start was 7:20am if not mistaken, I was late. I had to pin my bib to my vest and ran the run 5 minutes later. So I don’t get to run with some of the faster ones. Well, at least this is a fun run. Here’s how I did in the run though.

Based on CardioTrainer GPS
July 25, 2010 7:25:54am

Time: 1.11.27
Distance: 11.36 KM
Pace: 6.17 min/KM
Total Climb: 500m

My Split time: 6:08 | 6.08 | 5.37 | 6.37 | 6.00 | 6.27 | 6.03 | 6.17 | 6.58 | 5.40 | 7.10

Next target would be to hit below 6 minutes per km. Thank you for my HTC Hero for keeping tracks of my run.

Met up with Kyuzo in the run.

DanielCtw and Kyuzo BHP Orange Run 2010

Also met up with an old school and classmate, Ah Yap. Well, come to think of it, running let us meet up with old friends and also new friends.

Mouse Law and Daniel Chew BHP Orange Run 2010

This is Mouse and me, The Weird One after the run and promoting BHP. Come to think of it, the BHP bottle they gave looks a bit like an enlarged dildo out of shape. Well, I am trying to form a running group in the coming days and months. A group to run and share and spend time together. To keep oneself healthy.

Well, here’s to the next run which is the Shape & Men’s Health Night Run in Putrajaya. Though there’s a dilemma now, I’ve also got passes for MTV World Stage 2010 in Sunway. Can I do both instead?

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