Ambank 21788888 Fraud Case

A strange call came today, while I was doing my work (sort of.. ). As usual work is there when there is. Anyway, what happened was, being somewhat curious as to who call me, the number didn’t register in my mind. The number was 03-21788888, which I later found out was AmBank Customer Call phone number.

Here’s what happened when I picked up the call

A Chinese lady was speaking with weird English in a seemingly powerful Chinese accent.

This is AmBank Credit Card centre. We have detected a pending transaction of RM3800 in your account. Please press 1 to confirm transaction. Press 2 to talk with our customer service or press 9 to repeat.

I waited, and the whole thing repeats again.

Well, this was what I did!

While the repeat process was on-going.. “We have detected a pending…….” I ENDED THE CALL!!! MUAHAHA

Seriously I was laughing when I did that and my colleague just opposite me was asking what the heck is wrong with me. I just said AmBank called me with a pending transaction thingy, could be a scam. Well, being someone who is of curious nature, I (Daniel Bruce Lee) went to look for this number displayed on my cellphone on the World Wide Web. Sure enough, it’s definitely AmBank’s service number only that someone is using it as a fraud case to con people into giving information about their personal information.

Ambank Fraud Alert

Now I wonder what would have happened if I just confirm the transaction?

My guess would be:

“Please key in your credit card number and your cv number to proceed”. Or the same as before, forwarded to the so called “Customer Service”.

Darn… I should have played more.

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