Tsim Tung Makan Time

One of my night time dinner escapade when I am feeling hungry after work… I need to find more places to eat. My options are limited in Cheras.

Well, so I went to this Tsim Tung Restaurant. Was first recommended way back 1 week ago by a fellow colleague of mine. Kept on bragging that the Red Bean drink was nice & very very nice. She doesn’t stop talking about it. Ok then, since we’re hungry why not just try.

So let the food do the talking though I was only taking pictures of my own food. Ha ha… too hungry that time to take any other things, though I saw one cute waitress passing by and giving me a smile. Don’t know why lor, maybe I am cute *hears vomit sound at the background* or just that she’s secretly laughing why on earth I take my lousy Casio Exilim EX-Z750 to take snapshots.

Ya…. those were the times when owning a digital camera, slim one was the hype. Now with everyone using DSLR, I am like errr…nothing. 0.o o.O 0.O x 3. Anyway I think i brag enough, what’s this red bean I’m talking that got like 3 of us ordering it. This place though is wifi enabled. So after work, it’s an ideal place for me, coz I’ve got my laptop ma… so can use wi fi lor.

Tsim Tung Restaurant
Night time inside is deserted at 1130pm

Red Bean Tsim Tung
OMG… it’s the red bean drink that’s got me coming here

Tsim Tung Lassi
Ehh…look at the mango lassi, not the chabo at the back

Tsim Tung Black Pepper Rice
Now look what came in for my dinner.

Black Pepper rice Hong Kong Style. Looks normal to one rite. Actually it’s normal when it’s like only RM7.50 per plate. Should have ordered Taiwan style rice.

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